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Prinsen har existerat på samma ställe sedan 1897. Restaurangen har lockat kulturarbetare, konstnärer, mediamänniskor, affärsfolk och en salig blandning av personligheter sprungna ur Stockholm Miljön är antik från 1800-talet, väl insutten och ingjuter ett socialt lugn utan musik.

Läs om vår spännande historia. ”Ett seglivat ställe” skriven av Leon Nordin – en härligt skriven skildring där du möter gamla krögare, skådespelare och människor placerade i stadens historia. Läs även David Lagercrantz  ”Historia om Prinsen”


No one will dispute Prinsen´s right to be called a true survivor. Having sustained its existence for more than a 100 years, it has not only stood, like great wines, the test of time, but also impacted and allowed itself to be impacted by the unfolding of that which is Stockholm´s history.Capably managed by Augusta Forsberg for the bulk of the first 70 years of the 20th century, she ensured that Prinsen would stand firm as an enterprise of sustained quality in the face of inevitable and sometimes devastating changes prior and subsequent to two world wars.

Café-Prinsen, as it´s name hailed at the inception, almost strides out from the strains of late 19th century Swedish emigration to the USA and today takes the lead in the quest for quality cuisine in modern, or shall one say, post-modern, Stockholm.Princen today is like a crowning dessert to a supremely sumptuous culinary experience, its walls whispering silent tales from its kitchen, wherefrom palatal pleasures are created, to its dining spaces where the art is experienced and have been experienced by novelists, poets, artists, actors, business people and media representatives.

The ardent historian who wishes to authenticate Prinsen´s claims will be able to find some of these surviving creative. Their stories are often incomplete without the chapters from Princen.   The rest of us who visit Princen will find that its supreme culinary masterpieces provide the true evidence needed – Princen is, indeed, the ultimate dining experience in Stockholm.

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